Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cropping faces last day project

For our very las project we took photos of one another and cropped them together on picnik.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rule of Thirds Dorothea Lange

The artist that i studied, Dorothea Lange did occasionally use the rule of thirds when she went photographing.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Rule of Thirds

For this photo project we used a new technique.  The idea of the project was to use a grid with three lines going horizontally accross and vertically down.  The grid was for the placement of the subject of the picture were taking.  We would place our subject in the crossing points in the corner most desired making sure it was in the crossing point.  In these photos that is what was trying to be accomplished.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final Post High School

Post on high school
 Waldorf high school (freshman year) was when volleyball became more of a serious hobby, and when it became more competitive with rival schools and clubs.  The photo of our main rival Bay school was  who we had to beat.  the photo of the "roach coach" was important for me to include because it was out front of our school everyday because we did not have off campus, most of my lunchtime memories of my first year of high school are of loitering in the school parking lot.  When i switched schools there were many things that changed.  the club volleyball team changed from sf juniors to slainte volleyball, and the level of competition changed as well.  On the weekends hanging out at the beach had become a big thing during this time witch was why i included the bon fire at the beach.  It was a time that i would use to catch up with my friends from my old school.  The ride splash mountain is just to show my favorite ride in Disney land.

Junior High School

Third post on Junior high  school
For this time in my life I focused on the an email because it was the first time that I was allowed get one it was a big deal.  Avril Lavigne was what me and all my classmates would listen to.  whn i was in junoir high school my class took a trip to a live power farm alomost every year, that time always left strong memories

Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st through 5th grade

Second post on later childhood
For this post I included the media because it was the main topic of most of our school conversations.  My favorite movie that i always remember watching with my family would be escape to witch mountain.  everyday at school we would play handball and four square, when i think back to my childhood that is what i remember doing with my time at school.  Dumbo was my favorite ride in Disney land at this age, and every girl had had a crush on Jessie McCartney  so he had to be included.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


  For this project we searched online for old photos of places that we remember going as a young child.  We took close up images of the photos on the screen with the camera set on macro mode in order to get the clearest image possible.  the images that we looked for were the most prominent memories that we could think of.  We took these photos with the lights tuned down and in black and white so as not to get a glare on the finished image.